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Partnership made for you

Inspired by the obstacles dentists face as small business owners while maintaining exceptional care, Dentalcorp was the first organization to offer a robust support model while honouring individual practice identity.

We are a community of the country’s top dental practices with a common goal: providing outstanding patient experiences.

Grow with us

Since 2010, our team has grown to:

  • 550 + locations
  • 9850 + team members
  • 5.2 million+ annual patient visits

We are better together.

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Patient-focused and community-centric

Our network is made up of over 550 practices, each with their own unique culture and identity. Dentalcorp practices and teams across the country are united by a shared philosophy of patient care. Together, Dentalcorp practices and teams form a network that is patient-focused, community-centric, and driven to achieve excellence. 

What does this mean for you?

  • Remain the leader of your practice

    Maintain your professional independence, and practice leadership role.

  • Benefit from true

    Leverage the expertise of our Support Centre to gain relief where you need it most.

  • Maximize your financial well-being

    Our compelling compensation structure provides robust short and long-term incentives.

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    • We were attracted to Dentalcorp because of the great dentists in our community who were already part of the network. We knew those dentists had a good philosophy that is just so similar to ours.
      Dr. Nathalie Trinh & Dr. Caroline Trinh Montréal, QC | Partners since 2021

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    Dr. Nathalie Trinh & Dr. Caroline Trinh

Partnership process with Dentalcorp

Scroll through to learn what you can expect from the partnership process with Dentalcorp.

    Partnership process with Dentalcorp

    Scroll through to learn what you can expect from the partnership process with Dentalcorp.

    1. Introduction & initial meetings

    When you initially reach out to us, a local Partnership Development Representative will become your main point of contact. Lean on them for everything you need throughout the partnership process.

    We start by getting to know your motivations for partnership and goals for your practice. In turn, we share more about our company and culture, and how we can help you achieve your objectives.

    2. Analysis & partnership evaluation

    As we continue through the process, your Partnership Development Representative will work with your team to collect all relevant data. At this point, you will be introduced to our Corporate Development team, who are tasked with analyzing your practice with mutual business objectives in mind.

    Based on our analysis, we will build out a plan to achieve your personal, professional and financial ambitions.

    3. Initial offer

    After getting to know each other better, we will present you with an initial offer letter. While all Partners become owners and shareholders in Dentalcorp, the specifics of each offer are customized based on each Partner’s needs.

    4. Offer signing

    Once the offer has been discussed and refined, it’s time to finalize and sign the offer letter.

    5. Closing process

    Our financial and legal teams work with you to finalize the transaction and begin practice integration. This includes setting up your practice in our systems for banking and payment, supplier programs, etc.

    We also begin training for your team on accounts payable, finance, payroll, etc., so your team is well equipped by the time the process is finalized.

    6. Partnership day

    It’s time to officially welcome your team to our network. At this point, you will be introduced to your local Director of Operations, who serves as your key point of contact from this point on.

    During Partnership Day, we provide an overview of our organization, the benefits for your team, and answer any questions.

    7. Ongoing support

    The partnership process may be over, but our work together is just getting started.

    In addition to your Director of Operations, you will also have access to experts and resources in all areas of the business.

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